© 2016 Dani Raible Photography


Everyday can be nice..


I love beach, walking on the sand

to hear birds and waves

to feel the wind, the salt water and the sun.

Also I love the blue view. 

I love Trapeze, to paddle, to swim and to do many others things as well. 


I do what I feel...

No games, no judgments, no masks.


I am brazilian, from Rio, february, 1978.


grew up between cariocas e paulistas. I lived in SP as I lived in Rio.    

I have two kids. 


I studied Journalism and Architecture (3 years and half). I worked with Press Office, Events production. 

I have friends and I miss them. 


Life is breathing and is challenging, also is moments, choices, respect, music, laughs, energy, love and movement